Aura- Steel

Aura code-Zerodaimu Kyuparu Azaraku Vairu Rua Darogu

Birth name- Yuu

Zero is a famous psychic known as the "Vanquisher of the Dark Overlord" and is widely regarded as being the worlds most powerful aura user.. He is the older brother of Ai Shiomi. Zero is also an instructor for Psychic Academy, though he seems to spend more time acting as protector for his little brother than he does teaching classes. he seems to have a habit of being hit by the girls. His biggest downfall would be when he starts telling and showing people Ai's deepest darkest secrets on top of all that he has an appalling taste in neck ties. His Aura specialty is Steel. At the end of the story, together with Shiomi, he travels around the world to awaken the children of the Aura.


Extremly confident in himself and his power Zero has little to no fear in anything he does. In the face of other aura users he won't hesitate to put them in there place. He is a shameless flirt and repeatedly albeit unsuccessfully tries his chances with a pretty teacher at the academy.

Zero absolutly adores his brother, almost everything he has done has been to ensure his brothers safety from not just others but his uncontrolled light aura power. After Ai had an accident that gave him a broken leg Zero swore that nothing would ever happen to his brother again. Although he has been prone to embarress him with his rather shameless displays of brotherly affection for him, such as hugging him in public and revealing embaressing secrets about him to others. When Ai scolds him he has been known to get visibly upset.


Zero is regarded as the worlds strongest aura user and with good reason.

His steel aura allows him to create steel from nothing in the form of spiked tentacles. They are extremly resiliant and theyre shape allows him to simultaniously atack and defend. He can shape the tentacles into a weapon such as a sword. In event he is injured, he can encase himself in a steel cocoon to heal himself.

Outside of his aura specific abilities Zero is a master of all general psychic powers and is capable of flight.