Aura- Fire

Aura code-unknown

Myuu (or Mew) wields the aura power of fire. She is afraid of the rain to the point she will miss days of school when it is raining and possibly suffer panic attacks if forced to be out in the rain. She is distant, even to the point of slight rudeness, because of a traumatic experience in her past: during her childhood, her mother was killed during an Aura experiment. The explosion caused the lab sprinklers to go off, showering her shocked self with water; this caused her dislike for rain.

With her friendship with Orina and Ai she slowly begins to warm up. Myu shares a bond from childhood with Ai, though neither of them realize this bond at first. It has also been revealed later on that at least one reason for her enormous aura strength is that her father, an ambitious Aura scientist, has artificially altered - possibly even artificially awakened - her Aura code. These make her stronger but also make it dangerous for her to use her powers, because when she uses them, she risks possibly dying. She both fears and dislikes her father intensely for it. In the final volume of the series, she passes away after admitting to Ai her feelings for him. Though she is dead, she is still able to visit Ai in the Para Dream shorty after her death. It is unknown if she will reappear in any more of Ai's dreams.