Aura- Lava{Ren} Ice{Faafa}

Aura Code- Ren Gaina Brabery{Ren} Faafa Duumdy{Faafa}

A brother and sister sharing the same body. Faafa was incarcerated at the Aura Development Center in the United States. Ren, in an attempt to free Faafa, attacked the center. In the ensuing destruction, Ren died and Faafa was critically injured. A heart transplant from Ren's body allowed Faafa to survive, while implanting a piece of Ren's aura in her body. As a result, the two share one body, similar to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. However, in the para-dream, both Ren and Faafa have their own unique bodies. Fafa's Aura is ice, while Ren's is lava.


Faafa maintains a happy, cheerful attitude wherever she goes. She is also quick to become attatched to those who show her kindness, as shown with Ai. She is also a bit emotionally unstable at times. Faafa doesn't at all mind abusing her powers to get what she wants. In contrast to his sister, Ren is brash, rude, and somewhat of a punk. He enjoys picking fights with others, regardless of their status. However, he has great respect for Zero, and eventually comes to like Ai. He's also driven to protect Aura users from attack by human extremists. Like Faafa, he also doesn't at all mind using his powers whenever he likes.